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An Official Withdrawal Request form must be completed for students to withdraw from Muneer Academy. We require three to five school days to complete the withdrawal from the time you make the request. However, this process can take longer if the student has outstanding fees or school equipment to return. Upon request, the student is to return all his/her textbooks, and/or any other school-provided supplies or equipment. Failure to return school property can delay the process. If your student requires further records, please contact Muneer Academy office (586) – 999- 9581 . 



  • Tell us when your child will be leaving as early as possible.

  • A withdrawal form must be signed by parent and indicate the reason for the withdrawal. 

  • Absences your student has accumulated through the current semester will carry over to the new school.

  • The new school will want a withdrawal slip, unofficial transcript, current immunization records, test scores and a copy of the student’s birth certificate.

  • When all forms are completed with appropriate signatures and notices, parents will be provided with unofficial documents to assist with enrollment to next school.

    • An official transcript will be mailed to the new school to complete the registration of the student. In some cases, the new school will request an official transcript and school records from Muneer. 

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