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In 2018, Muneer Academy was established as a way to provide an opportunity for students to learn their religion and teach others. At our academy, students experience an academic environment that is centered around Allah ﷻ and where knowledge and deen are modeled daily by teachers, staff, and other students. 

Muneer Academy's Academic department follows the Michigan State Curriculum and Standards. We not only meet all the core requirements, but we also encourage our students to excel at their highest potential by providing opportunities and routes for our students to further their education by attending colleges and universities.  Muneer Academy's faculty of Islamic education offers three main programs and a part-time weekend Quran class.


  1. Full-time Hifdh-ul-Quran (Memorization of the Holy Qur’an)

  2. Full-time Aalimah course (Extensive Islamic Studies) 

  3. Academics for Grades 4 to 12

  4. Ilm Essentials for boys and girls

Full-time Hifdh

Full-time Aalimah

Academic Grades 4 - 12



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