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Thank you for your interest in Muneer Academy! Please submit your application by completing the form below. To ensure that your application is processed properly, please answer all of the questions as accurately and truthfully as possible.


In order to ensure that your application is saved properly, please adhere to the application deadlines for each school term. Please note: If your application is submitted after the application deadlines, then the application will be automatically saved and processed for the next admission season. No further action will be required. 

Application Guidelines

Please note the following application guidelines: 

  • Aalimah Program is only open to Girls

  • Aalimah Program is open for Girls from Grades 6 -12

  • Academics from Grades 4 - 12 is available for both Hifdh and Aalimah Program

  • Boys may only apply for the Hifdh Program (Aalim program is available at Michigan Islamic Institute)

  • All incoming students who are not ready to start the Hifdh or Aalimah program will be placed in an Ilm Essentials Program. Once students have completed the Ilm Essentials program, they may transfer to Hifdh or Aalimah programs.

Admission Criteria

Please note the following admission criteria: 

  • Applicants have consistent school attendance and minimal tardies

  • Applicant's grades are above a 3.00 GPA 

  • Applicants can access the general education curriculum with minimal modifications

  • Applicants have no major disciplinary infractions or issues

Boarding Applications 

Families that are interested in boarding institute for boys, please submit your application to Michigan Islamic Institute at

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