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Our vision is for our teachers, staff and parents to work together to create responsible, confident and enriched citizens who aspire to uphold the Islamic values of self-discipline, mutual care, and respect.

Muneer Academy has been dedicated to its mission of developing a generation of Muslim Americans who can succeed academically and represent Islam in society at large since 2018. The vision is to provide this desire to serve, which is achieved through the development of Islamic character and the provision of leadership opportunities and rewards.

Our mission is to provide an enriched learning community that encourages the importance of academic excellence, leadership and Islamic morals.

Muneer Academy strives to provide students with the resources they need to support life-long learning and an Islamic climate that fosters noble character and righteous leadership. Muneer Academy's dedication to upholding high academic standards in an Islamic setting encourages students to concentrate not only on their studies, but also on their innate curiosity, reverence for knowledge and a willingness to use their intellect for the development and service of society.


Our method is to teach the value of sacred knowledge and relate the sources of Islam in the example of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the Holy Quran.

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