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The Hifdh program's goal is to produce qualified huffadh and protectors of the Quran by means of memorization of the Holy Quran. The complete memorization of the Quran is a noble method of preservation of the Islamic religion. Muneer Academy employs a method of memorization that focuses on tajweed rules and retention. Our small classes are designed to promote one-on-one attention for students to strengthen student-teacher interaction and connection. Students get the opportunity to connect frequently with reputable scholars in and out of the classroom setting, allowing them to have enhanced learning and relationship.

​Assessments and evaluation of memorized sections of the Quran will be conducted periodically to ensure that the student retains the material, which the student is required to pass to move forward with memorization and continue these studies. Muneer Academy also focuses on nurturing our student's character and moral values by implementing additional classes to learn the basics of Islamic sciences with duas, prophetic biography, and Islamic jurisprudence.


The hifdh program is designed to focus on individual capabilities and potentials. Students of this course will be taught the method of memorization of the Holy Quran with proper tajweed. The syllabus has been prepared in a manner that enables each student to memorize the entire Quran and retain it through consistent revisions and testing. 

We have designed and outlined our course by dividing it into four years of memorization. First-year goals are to complete Nadhira with tajweed and memorize two chapters of the Noble Quran. In the second and third year, students are expected to memorize 27 chapters. The last year will require the completion of memorization and the revision of the Quran 3 times. Upon complete memorization of the Holy Quran, students will be awarded a prestigious certificate of "Hafidh al-Quran" by Muneer Academy. Thus, accrediting students to teach Quran and lead congregational Islamic prayers.


The student's daily schedule consists of classes Monday - Friday from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm year-round. Hifdh class is from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm. Students are split into groups of 10 -15 students each with their own individual teacher. Semesters begin late August and end late July. 

Core Courses

Quran Memorization


Tajweed al-Quran

Pronunciation of Arabic Letters (Moukhrij)

Seerah (Prophetic Biography)


The admissions process begins with our online application, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We practice "rolling admission," where applications are saved until our next admission interview season. You may apply to Muneer Academy at any time, however, you will be contacted when the admission process opens during the summer months. If you are applying for a specific term, please adhere to the application submission dates.

All applications received will be saved and applicants will be contacted during our admission interview season in the summer. 

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