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​Tuition Fees

Monthly tuition costs $450.00 and covers all fees associated with enrollment, including morning Islamic studies classes and academic class. No other fees are required, except the yearly book fee of $150.00.

$450 Monthly Tuition Fee


                                                                          Payment Amount                                 Payment Period


Registration Fee                                                     $350.00                                            One-Time Fee

Textbook Fee                                                          $150.00                                                   Yearly


Tuition Fee ​                                                             $450.00                                                 Monthly            ​

***Fees are not the final criteria. Families who can validate that they cannot afford the payment, an installment plan and/or grant is reserved for them with the approval of the Admission Committee. ***​

Cost Breakdown

Most private school students attend day schools. Day schools are just like traditional public schools, where students attend classes during the day before returning home for the evening. Private schools are funded by tuition payments that are generated by enrolled students. Please see below the cost breakdown of how your tuition payments are supporting Muneer Academy.


$250     Academic & Islamic Teachers Payroll

$100     Property Rental Costs

$50       Utility Costs


$25       Technology and Media Fees

$25       Building Maintenance and Supplies

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