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​Tuition Fees

The full-tuition amount at Muneer Academy is $6,600 and it is split into 12 months for convenience. Muneer Academy is a private institution and will charge tuition 12 times per year, regardless of breaks or holidays. Tuition costs cover all fees associated with enrollment, including Islamic studies and academic classes. An annual book and testing fee of $150.00 will be charged at the beginning of every school term.

$6,600/Student Tuition Fee


                                                                          Payment Amount                                 Payment Period


Registration Fee                                                     $450.00                                            One-Time Fee

Textbook and Testing Fee                                     $150.00                                                   Yearly


Tuition Fee ​                                                             $550.00                                                 Monthly            ​

***Fees are not the final criteria. For families who can validate that they cannot afford the payment, a scholarship is reserved for them with the approval of the Admission Committee and the Shaykh Abdul Raheem Foundation. ***​

Cost Breakdown

Most private school students attend day schools. Day schools are just like traditional public schools, where students attend classes during the day before returning home for the evening. Private schools are funded by tuition payments that are generated by enrolled students. Please see below the cost breakdown of how your tuition payments are supporting Muneer Academy.


$350     Academic & Islamic Teachers Payroll

$100     Property Rental Costs

$50       Utility Costs


$25       Technology and Media Fees

$25       Building Maintenance and Supplies

Financial Account Form

To secure your child's spot for the upcoming academic year, we kindly request you to complete the enclosed Financial Account Form. This form serves as a means to submit your financial account information, allowing for the smooth processing of tuition payments throughout the school year. Additionally, it will cover the registration and enrollment fees necessary to secure your child's spot at Muneer Academy. Your cooperation in filling out this form is highly appreciated, as it enables us to continue providing a high-quality educational experience for your child. If you have any questions or require assistance while filling out the form, please do not hesitate to reach out to our administrative team. 

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