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Muneer Academy was established as a means to provide a strong educational foundation for Muslims, turning them into a source of enlightenment for the community. Muneer Academy is a non-profit full-time separate boys and girls day school located in Warren, Michigan. Muneer Academy, just like Michigan Islamic Institute, offers two separate Islamic curriculums with academics for grades 4 through 12. Students will attend their secular education from 8:30 AM to 12:05 PM and then they can choose to study in the Hifdh or Aalimah program until 4:30 pm.

At this school, students experience an Islamic environment that is centered around Allah ﷻ and where Prophetic teachings are modeled daily by certified teachers and scholars. Our teachers and curriculum focus on student academic excellence and character development by using the Quran and Sunnah as guidance for the structure of the program. By establishing a well-rounded and Prophetic teaching model, Muneer Academy is able to provide an opportunity for boys and girls to study without compromising their studies, moral conduct, or environment.

Extracurricular Activities and Events

Muneer campus is comprised of the Muneer banquet hall, auditorium, prayer rooms, and classrooms for all students to enjoy and learn in. Muneer Academy holds many events for the benefit of students, such as Qur'an competitions, Arabic challenges, Dhikr competitions, Seerah competitions, Career Day, Culture Awareness Week, Spelling Bees, debates, and more. Students can also participate in many extracurricular activities like sports and student council

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