Muneer Academy makes every effort to award financial aid when circumstances require it. The vast majority of resources are dedicated to families with financial need, with a limited allocation based on merit. Muneer Academy's board members review each application in confidence and make award decisions based on the information you provide in this application. Please complete the application as truthfully and as accurately as possible. 

Please note that all scholarship applications require submission of the first page of the parents’ most recent 1040 US Tax Form, showing Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).  Scholarship decisions cannot be made without the required tax information.


In order for students to maintain their scholarship, they must maintain a GPA of 2.50 or higher every semester. Student effort and attitude will play a determining factor in succeeding in this criteria.

Students' attendance records must be limited to less than 10 absences per semester. Students that are placed on probation due to their poor attendance will risk their financial scholarship being revoked


In addition, if a student is found to have broken school rules or caused any disturbance, their financial scholarship will be under review.  

Failure to maintain timely payments, per the financial arrangement agreed upon with Muneer, may result in the student’s admission and aid being reviewed.

Please note: The Scholarship Application must be completed on a yearly basis for every applicant.


Families must demonstrate, through proper financial forms, their eligibility for financial aid.  

Financial scholars are provided for low income families or families exhibiting financial stress. 

Number of household members and students attending college or paid secondary education. 

Enrollment status at Muneer Academy's programs (ie full-time or part-time).

Once each school has determined your financial need, you will receive aid offer via email from the school. Remember that the offer letter is how much the school can contribute towards your child's education. The financial difference must be provided by the family. Each school has a different ability to meet your financial need—it all depends on the funds available at each school.


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