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As we prepare for the new school year, we would like to implement a re-enrollment for all students planning to return to Muneer for the 2024 - 2025 school year. This will be a MANDATORY form that each household must complete in order to reinstate their child(ren) back to Muneer. Please complete the form by the deadline and complete a separate form for each student. 


Please notify the school of any changes in your information throughout the school year by calling the main office. All important information, such as school closings, exams, and holiday dates, will be communicated through automatic messages and email, so please include accurate and updated information.

General Guidelines
  • All applications are subject to final administrative approval.

  • This will be a MANDATORY form that each household must complete to reinstate their child(ren) for the next term. 

  • Please complete a separate form for each child. 

  • If a student does not complete this form, their spot at Muneer Academy will not be guaranteed for the next year. 

  • The enrollment fee is $50/per student (non-refundable or transferable fee). This fee is being deducted from the annual fee of $150.00. Therefore, the remaining balance for reinstated students is the annual book fee of $100.00. The remaining book fee will be deducted in August 2024. 

Please DO NOT complete this form unless you are certain your
child(ren) will return for the next school term. 

Students will not be admitted back to Muneer Academy without this form completed by the deadline.

No exceptions will be provided.

Deadline: April 15, 2024

If the family is unsure if their child(ren) is returning for the new school term, please call the main office at 586-999-9581 as soon as possible or complete the withdrawal form at

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