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Our educational branches aim to fulfill the vision of providing access to Islamic knowledge for all individuals, regardless of age, gender, location, and availability in the community. Miftaah Institute is the second institute opened to complete this goal. The first class was taught in 2016 in the vicinity of Michigan Islamic Institute. Miftaah has now grown to serve over 500 students in various weekly and yearly programs of studies across America.


Our newly established Muneer Academy opened its doors in 2018 with the goal of reaching every student that is seeking to advance her studies in the religion of Islam and academics. Our sister branches are a vital component to maintaining, fulfilling, and expanding the Michigan Islamic Institute ultimate goal of providing an opportunity for all individuals to study the sacred sciences and/or secular education.


Our educational programs began because we recognized the needs of our communities. To serve the various layers of our society, the foundation of Michigan Islamic Institute was laid in 2012 to educate our male students from states across America. Several years later, we were blessed with the resources to open a sister branch of Michigan Islamic Institute for our girls and boys in the community. The new branch, "Muneer Academy" opened in 2018 solely for the opportunity for students to benefit from studying Islamic studies with academics.

Thereafter, we found numerous adults who desired to learn the sacred Islamic sciences, in a scholarly and structured method. Thus, Miftaah Institute was established in 2015 to preserve and implement the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to our young and/or working adults with limited availability, without compromising the transmission of the rich Islamic teachings.

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