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Rights & Responsibilities 

To be treated with courtesy by all school staff.

To be respected as individuals, regardless of race, creed, national origin, gender, status, or age.

To be able to visit the school at anytime, as long as their visits do not disrupt the school program.

To be informed of the academic requirements of the school's programs.

To be informed of school policies and administrative decisions.

To participate in parent/teacher conferences to discuss their child's progress and needs.

To expect reasonable protection for their child from harm while under school authority.

To participate in the school's PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization).

To receive any communication from the school involving their child's progress and information concerning school decisions, programs, closures, etc.

To obtain a full day of education for their child within the legally defined number of hours and days required by the State of Michigan.

To appeal any adverse decision involving their child, through the school's board of education.

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